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Customized solutions for your business, with the assurance of quality and professionalism that has always distinguished us. Luma is a bridge between companies and customers through which orders, contracts, agreements and promotions pass. Luma is a representation company that operates in the distribution of Food and No-Food products, both in Italy and abroad, as well as in international business consulting, able to provide personalised strategies and solutions aimed at achieving companies’ goals.

Luma cooperates with companies to increase their major channels’ revenue :  Retail, Catering, Ho.Re.Ca. GD / DO by providing a high professional support and sectorally specialized in creating commercial networks in Italy and abroad. Creating and managing a solid commercial network today requires specific sales, innovative marketing and professional internationalization skills, which are not always easy to find and keep in its own corporate structure. Our interventions include markets analysis, business strategy study, customer search, and global support through all stages of sales to ensure companies the markets penetration and their adequate coverage.



Who we are

Luma was born from decades of experience gained both in industry and distribution by transferring its know-how into its entire organizational structure. Today it boasts an organization, headquartered in Bari, with operating branches in central and northern Italy, consisting of sellers, national accountants and Italian and foreign network managers. We operate all over Italy and abroad. In Italy we are mainly present in Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.

The gained experience in sales and the new market demands create that optimal synergy that drives us to try to improve and complete the range of products,getting  more and more costumers loyalty  and providing room for growth to both customers and suppliers. We deal with the global management of the sending companies and we offer our customers a daily, constant and complete assistance in all sales phases, providing total coverage for the enterprises. It currently develops a global annual turnover of about 35 million euros, in a steady increase.


Hungry for perfection

For over 10 years we have been working to meet our customers' demands;  our mission is to learn to know them in order to anticipate their requests in a continuous change, guaranteeing them PERFECTION. We are able to serve our customers, managing in the best way the everyday, the emergencies, the challenges and the opportunities in an ever-unique and personalized way. By doing this we are proud to boast of constant customers loyalty.

Our organization chart focuses on the simplest and most direct contact with our customers to ensure quick and effective responses. We are delighted to daily test ourself, responding to the various requests of a market that in fact demands PERFECTION. We put our employees, customers and all those who work with Luma company at the center of our interest. The most important goal is always our customers and employees satisfaction. Our financial statements have always had a positive trend and they have steadily been increasing year after year, expressing turnovers always more and more importantly that constantly give us great satisfactions and new opportunities for markets penetration.


We pay the maximum attention to our ecosystem by managing our business so as to minimize the environmental impact.

NORTH 30% - CENTER 20% - SOUTH 40% - ISLANDS 10%




Luma deals with everything that concerns the mediation and sale on behalf of the companies it represents. We physically visit factories or production sites, our UCQ managers evaluate products quality, while the sales office evaluates the logistics and economic requirements. Once successful, the company is coded in Luma. The encoded company is presented to the referring customers;a commercial proposal is subsequently discussed and prepared between the proposer companies and customers, and then proceed to the stage of finalization of a commercial agreement eventually born between the parties. Our operations include markets analysis, business strategies study, customers search, and global support at all stages of sales to ensure the enterprise markets penetration and their adequate coverage.
Luma boasts to produce an annual turnover of around € 50,000.00.