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The development of the strategies starts from the deep knowledge of the target market than is followed by the analysis of the category of the specific structure. We carry out an evaluation of the items in the assortment, their characteristics, positioning, detecting the main dynamics related to the proposed display.


Starting from the product value, we develop the shelf placement defining the strategic positioning in consideration of the rest of the assortment. We also manage the item costs in order to better support the global assortment selected in consideration of the distribution client structure, the seasonality of the product and the consumer’s needs.


We develop a targeted strategy after identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the shelf based on what are the real needs of the modern consumer. We evaluate obsolete products that must replace with innovatives ones offered by the market, to best link consumer needs and trends, optimizing the assortment and improving the performances of the shelf.


Continuous monitoring of sales data. Definition and analysis of performance aimed at improving economic results over time. Management of activities such as price cutting, off-counter exposures, In & Out of alternative references or seasonal variations, flyers, loyalty cards


Our team is made up by experts in the sector who gave support to the development of all the operations connected to sales for over 10 years. We take care of following first all the steps of codifing the references and then take charge of each single order. We record each operation in our database, to summarize the data to be provided to the commercial area. The monitoring continues also in the phases of order fulfillment, invoicing, payment and possible resolution of post-sale problems.